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All About the Platform

The Growth Ladder is a simple, efficient and effective on-line business growth and development system aimed at businesses that have the desire to grow and develop but don’t want to invest in using a Business Coach to help facilitate this.

A good business coach can cost as much as £1000 per day but the cost of The Growth Ladder is a fraction of this for a full year.

The Growth Ladder was established by Business Coaches with years of collective experience of working within small and large companies, in both operational and board level positions. We know how to help you grow your business in an efficient and cost effective manner.

By signing up and becoming a member of the GROWTH Ladder we will share all of the tools that we use everyday, for you to use yourself.

The system not only helps you to identify ‘WHAT’ you need to do to grow and develop your business, but The Growth Ladder will guide you through the ‘HOW’ and the actions that you can take to reach your goals.

We frequently have business owners that tell us about the business advice that they receive from their advisors such as their Bank, Accountant, LEP or Business Advisors, they tell us that the advice they receive is all all about WHAT they need to do, but never about the HOW they need to do it, we specialise in the HOW.

The GROWTH Ladder explains the ‘HOW’ you need to go about this, it helps you understand what’s important …

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How Does it Work & What are the Steps?

The growth cycle is a process that comprises of a series of actions. These should be followed in a precise order to help you identify where growth can be found and where improvements to your business can be made, helping facilitate growth in a robust and sustainable manner.

The process we take you through consists of 4 main elements:

  1. Understanding your environment (Where are we now?)
  2. Outlining your Goals & Objectives (What to do)
  3. Strategies & Implementing your plan (How to do)
  4. Testing, Validating and Reviewing our actions (How am I doing?)

We have outlined this process below in a simple to understand diagram.

The ‘Growth Ladder’ strategy process

Initially The Growth Ladder will guide you through a series of modules which will help you to better understand yourself and your business. The modules cover a number of different areas which are intrinsic to business growth. We lead you to the identification of which strategies should be best adopted to facilitate the growth you want to achieve, to the documents, resources and tools that will help achieve your goals.

This is an on-going development process, you can update your strategy and fine tune your activities using all of the resources available in our Knowledge Base area.

Here you will find additional tools, templates and reading to help create a comprehensive, tailor-made GROWTH plan for your business.

So.. What is the Health Check About?

One of the modules that you will complete as a part of the initial Growth Ladder phase is a Business Healthcheck, this module is a full version of the Free Gap Tool which is available as a part of the website. This module is a deep dive tool which identifies what is important to you, and compares this against what you feel that you do best within the business, the series of questions probes your attitude towards 8 different business areas. The module provides an interesting view of your strengths and weaknesses. It is not un- common for business owners give priority to actions and tasks that they prefer to do, rather than the ones that are most important to them or their business.

Your Growth Ladder subscription will allow you receive access to our Growth Ladder Community, this is a business driven growth group for people who have a liked minded attitude towards growing and developing their business in a way that is sustainable and gives long term security. We developed the community to be a place and central hub where you can share your thoughts and frustrations, allowing others to comment, or reach out to you with suggestions of ways to overcome the issues that you are facing. Be rest assured, you won’t be the only person with an issue, we are also here to help, and our team have separate logins and will regularly comment on threads within their specialism. We have specialists from areas such as HR, Finance, Marketing and Sales to name just a few. It is possible to request a membership from us to access the community area only, there is a small monthly fee for this.