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Our Knowledge Base

Our extensive knowledge base has been built over many years of working within business, in both small and large companies, public and private and in many sectors. The owners of the Growth Ladder have over 50 years combined experience of working within business across a wide range of roles and functions, primarily in positions where businesses have been searching for and driving growth.

As a member of The Growth Ladder, there are many services that we can offer to our members. We are a very ‘can do’ team and whilst the toolkit, and toolbox for The Growth Ladder are substantial, we can offer additional or further services, should these be required.


The Growth Ladder system is a self-led system. We believe that whilst we can hold your hand through the process and help you build, develop and grow your business with you, there is nothing better than doing this yourself. The toolkit and toolboxes are in place to support you and guide you through the process of developing plans and strategies to grow and develop your business. You know your business better than anyone else, and you a by far best placed to make plans for growth, validate them and action them.

However, there may be times when you feel that you need a little more help, maybe to navigate through a certain plan or strategy, maybe to identify where something will work best, or maybe just to find some inspiration, and that is what we are here for. We have an email support system in place, simply use the support button and ask your question, we aim to respond to all emails within 24 hours, but we are usually much faster than this. We also have The Growth Ladder Community, where you can access an area to ask more open questions to other like minded business owners.

Regional Training

We are able to offer ‘group’ regional training which will be held and run in various locations across the UK throughout the year. Members of The Growth Ladder will be able to see when, where and what courses are available in the ‘Member Section’ of the website.

The courses will usually only last for 1 day, and will include refreshments and lunch. The course content will be structured, but will importantly allow time for interaction and ‘group work’. All of our 1 day training sessions are led by our own team of experienced business leaders.

The courses will initially be offered to The Growth Ladder ‘members’ only, but should there be any spaces available within a month of the course taking place you will be able to use your business network to invite guests to join you.

The course details will explain the content and the number of CPD points available.

Free Guides and Information

Membership to The Growth Ladder may not be for everyone, but we know that the vast majority of business owners have a thirst for knowledge.

Periodically we send out ‘free’ information guides and help sheets to registered subscribers in our database. These tools are usually add-ons to the products that we traditionally offer and are usually a little ‘quirky’, the type of thing that helps get results, but are not day to day things that we need to think about.

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Business Consulting

Business Consulting is available through the Growth Ladder team.

The Directors can work with your business on a one to one basis, advising how growth and development can be found in an efficient and effective manner, it is ideal if your business wants to grow rapidly, or its current position requires more ‘hands on’ support to guide it through the growth process.

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Free 'Growth Ladder' Tools

As a part of The Growth Ladder, you are invited to take the GAP analysis.

In the Gap analysis we ask you a short series of questions which identify the importance of certain topic areas within your business and helps you better understand how much actual time you spend working on these areas.

It will help you see where you are working ON, or IN your business, the former being significantly better than the latter.

This ‘GAP tool’ will help you further realise that The Growth Ladder could help YOU make a difference to YOUR business  and help identify and unlock additional sales revenue and profit.