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What is The Growth Ladder

The Growth Ladder is an all en-compassing on-line portal to help support growth and development within Small and Medium SME’s.

Why should I use The Growth Ladder?

Most Small and Medium sized business owners want to see growth within their business but typically get embroiled within the day to day running of the business and do not find the time to consider where business growth will come from, or where business improvements can be made. It is thought by the Harvard Business Review that most business owners spend an average of 80% of their time working IN their business, 15% of their time doing the mundane (yet important) tasks business owners have to do, and ONLY 5% of their time working ON their business, this is equivalent to around 3 minutes an hour, barely enough time to make a decent cup of coffee.

The Growth Ladder provides the tools, support, advice and help to allow business owners to review their business, and work out what THEY want to achieve and helps them to identify how to do it. Being an on-line portal, The Growth Ladder can be worked on at any time, and is not as restrictive as having to make time available when it may not be convenient.

Why is The Growth Ladder better than other sources of advice?

Support for business growth and development is very varied, and most sources have positives and negatives. We would never really recommend taking advice from family or friends unless they are experienced, and will give you an honest answer, usually friends or family will give you the answer that they think you want to hear.

Many businesses tend to see the better known sources of advice (the Bank, the Accountant and the Local Enterprise Partnerships) can all give good advice but this tends to come at a cost and can sometimes have a hidden agenda. The biggest frustration we hear from our clients is that these sources will happily tell a business owner WHAT they need to do to grow their business, but they are usually unable to tell them HOW. The Growth Ladder expertly provides the HOW piece of the jigsaw.

I am not sure if I should use The Growth Ladder or a direct Consultant?

This depends on what you need. The Growth Ladder is a very cost effective and efficient solution to find growth and development within your business, but there is a degree of self motivation and discipline that you need to apply. The Growth Ladder is owned by highly experienced Business Growth and Development Consultants, and their entire toolkit is shared within The Growth Ladder, and if anything is missing you can let us know and we will find an answer or solution for you. The plan guides you through the key stages of growth and development, alongside self learning tools and support.

We can offer Consultancy services on a one to one basis, but the cost of 1 year of The Growth Ladder is less than 1 day of typical consulting at your premises. The downside to using a Consultant is that you have to make yourself free and available when the Consultant is with you to maximize your return, and this is not always practical.

How much does The Growth Ladder Cost?

We have a number of simple plans to suit different budgets and needs, these being;

Plan 1 : Initial Joining Membership £99 (+VAT) Per Month For 3 Months (minimum 3 months payable monthly) Continuation to Plan 1 : Continuation Membership £49 (+VAT) Per Month

Plan 2 : Initial 6 Month Membership Paid In Advance £300 (+VAT) For 6 Months (Saving 32%)

Plan 3 : Annual Membership Paid In Advance £450 (+VAT) For 12 Months (Saving 40%)

What do I get from my subscription?

  1. Access to The Growth Ladder platform
  2. Access to The Growth Ladder resources files
  3. Email support
  4. Access to The Growth Ladder community
  5. Free Updates and Information
  6. Member Discount To Training Courses

Can I cancel my subscription?

If you sign up to our Plan 1 you must be a member for the initial 3 months, after that you can decide whether you continue or cancel your membership. If you decide to continue your membership you will be billed monthly, and can cancel at any time by giving us notice to cancel at least 7 days before the end of your month.

Our Plans 2 and 3 may be cancelled at the end of their term, but you then have the option to join our Continuation Plan should you so wish.

Business Growth and Development is not a quick fix for any business and needs to be given enough time to effectively manage the process. If you get to a point where you struggle with the process please let you know and we will do our best to support you.

Will I be able to access help and support?

Yes, please don’t think that you are totally left to your own devices through this process. We offer Email support through the portal, all emails are replied to within 24 hours. We may ask a few questions if you make a support enquiry and come back to you with a more detailed reply. We also have our Forum, which whilst you have an active membership with us is free of charge (Otherwise the cost is £9.99 per month including VAT), this is where you will be able to interact with other members, share your thoughts and problems and find help and support from others in a similar situation. We will also be adding webinars, and our own posts to this Forum.